There are days. When it haunts you. Hovering above. With gigantic wings. An echo only you can hear.
There are nights. When it curls up beside you. Warm and fluffy. Whispering with a glossy beak.
There are mornings. When it flutters out of the blue. Landing heavily. And everything falls apart.

It is difficult to find words for the intense physicality of grief. When struck with grief, it resides in the body. Nesting. A huge chaotic bird merging our existence, embodying a process of painful change.

"The bird experience"  is a nomadic work facilitating grief in local contexts. With poetic realism the bird travels into the world, nesting in local environments, facilitating the local grief. While nesting in an environment the bird involve the local citizens of all ages to share stories and moments of grief. With the bird as both host and symbolic figure the citizens are invited into a space of both visual poetry and realism, where they can express themselves in a visual and choreographic langauge. We carry grief. Look it into the eyes. Are surrounded by it. Fight against it. Make peace with it.

Before departing the bird invite into a shared space of grief, - an intimate performance where the local stories are shared and facilitated through choreography and song.

Artistic direction: Ingrid Tranum Velásquez
Puppet maker: Anette Asp Christensen
Composer: Henriette Groth
Co-composer: Stine Helkjær Engen
Choreographer: Ingrid Tranum Velásquez in collaboration with the dancers
On stage: Aldo Tranum Velásquez, Frej Stenholt Mortensen, Bety Pujol Cajal, Ingrid Tranum Velásquez

"In this symbolic leap of death the choreography manages to reflect the human in the bird - and the grief of faded life. It is one of the most beautiful moments created in danish dancetheatre in a very long time."
"The poetry is overwhelming in this dance performance"
"The performance is something as rare as a performance for people of all ages"
- Anne Middelboe Christensen, Teateravisen. Read the entire review (in danish) here

"The performance is carried by tenderness and care, also in the animation of the crow, that is moved with the same sincerity. It is touching and reflective."
"I sat completely still, falling into myself, even though I mentally was at the edge of my seat".
- Michael Svennevig. Read the entire review (in danish) here

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