NextDoor Project creates choreographic art grounded in documentary practice.
We meet the contemporary and the political through the intimate and persoanl and create room for identification across societys groupings.
We base the development of our works on mutual relations between audience, artwork and artists, and on fieldwork that brings us close to the contemporary narratives and stories and the real life players that live them on a daily basis.
Our works have through time unfolded on various scenes from traditional theatre rooms to asylumcentres, flooded basements, streets, in schools and kindergartens, parks, museums, galleries, townhalls, libraries, villages meeting houses and old peoples homes.

The development of new formats and methods for choreographic practice is a passion in our practice and we work in the whole nordic region with the development of nomadic and rhizomatic strategies, where the performance is a concept moving through a larger contemporary landscape over time, unfolding and reappearing in various social and cultural terrains and arenas.
The long-term strategies of the work creates an extensive perspective, that prioritizes the artistic investigation and development of methodical practice and knowledge in the proces, which increase both the artistic quality of the work and the imprint of the work on society.

NextDoor Projects artistic profile is lead by choreographer, auteur and dancer Ingrid Tranum Velásquez and we tour nationally and internationally with works for both children, youth and adult audiences.

The latest years artistic work has unfolded around investigations of:

The old body -  since 2015 we have traveled in all of the nordic countries with the project Happy End - an artistic investigation of the old bodies or the Nordics. Read more here
Migration, displacement, home and sense of belonging  - investigated in the works See you, Rafiq-e-man! (2014-ongoing) about refugee children, Tekeraoi am mananga! (2017) a choreographed massmigration around the topic of climate change, From here my world unfolds (2018-ongoing) a portrait of a 14 year old asylumseeker and HOME (2019-ongoing) and investigation of the concept of 'home' for and with children 3-6 years old. In collaboration with MYKA.
Nordic Colonialism - with the two current productions Unfinished Tales og VI ER NORDEN.
Loneliness - investigation begun in 2017 with the project #HoldOmMig in collaboration with AskovfondenKBH+ and unfolds in 2020 with the european project The bird experience about antropocene grief and the loss of biodiversity.

NextDoor Project finanses its project with support from a.o. the Danish Arts Council, Nordic Culture Fond, Nordic Council of Ministers, regional, municipal and private funding.
NextDoor Project is established at Godthåbsvej on Frederiksberg, where we have studio and office. 

Allan Klie (chairman), Mie Brandt (vice chairman)
Boardmembers: Niels Righolt, Pernille Frahm, Torkild Lindebjerg.

Artistic leader: Ingrid Tranum Velásquez
Accountant: John Gottenborg Bruum
PR & Communication: Karen Toftegaard Aps