Smaller than dust

Upcoming: Spiller på Teater Zeppelin d.21-23.maj og 28-29.maj. Alle dage kl 21.

”It is so small, that you can not see it. Smaller than dust. But it is dangerous. Especially for grandparents. That is why. It is them we protect”

”We have to stay away, keep distance and wear facemasks. It is a contageous-one and it comes from bats or a man. If you have it inside you, you have to get tested with a stick in your mouth. If it is negative, you are ok. If it is positive, you may die. I am afraid that someone from my class will get it and die. I'm looking forward to when we can play with whom we want”

”I think it does whatever it wants. It does not think so much about others. It just infects when it feels like it. Or hides. Even on door-handles. You better not touch anything"

”Maybe it will never leave. I don't know. It is not so pleasant to think about".

Smaller than dust is the story of the youngest citizens during the corona crisis. Told by the children and youth themselves in a choreographed sound-walk through the urban spaces at Vesterbro and Frederiksberg.
During the corona crisis NextDoor Project invited children and youth (aged 6-15 years) to send audio-stories about their perspectives on life during the pandemic.
The stories are now joined in a choreographed soundwalk for children and their adults.

During the walk through the city, audience encounter windows along the road, where the perspectives of the children are staged as moving sculptures and videoprojections against closed curtains.

In collaboration with Childrens Rights a dialogue material was developed, where children and their adults can talk about the pandemic, with an off-set in the performance experience.

Smaller than dust is created in collaboration between visual artist and sculptor George Koutsouris, composer and musician Alexandra Hallén, choreographer and artistic director Ingrid Tranum Velásquez and children aged 6-15 years.


Meeting point: The soundwalk will start at and return to Teatret Zeppelin, Valdemarsgade 15, 1665 København V.
Remember: Each audience must bring their own mobilephone and headset.
Welcome: At the meetingpoint you will be welcomed by a guide, helping you how to access the soundfile and guiding the route.
Duration: 1 hour. No pauses.
Age: From 6 years
NB: Bring suitable clothing for the wheather. Everything will happen outdoors. If it is raining remember an umbrella or something to cover your headphones.


The performance is supported by:
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