From here my world unfold

 - a portrait of a 14 year old asylum seeker     

Where is home? What is home? Where did you root? Can you be rooted somewhere you have never set your feet? Who has the right to decide your identity?

She is 14 years old.
She lives with her mother and 2 brothers.
She wants to become a makeup artist, designer or blogger. Or perhaps a radio journalist.
She has many friends.
She attended danish school since 0.grade and speaks and writes danish.

In her passport is written a name of a country she does not know. She knows nobody living there. She does not speak their language.

She has lived as an asylum seeker in Denmark for the last 9 years.

Where is her home? What is her home? Who is to decide?

From here my world unfolds is a portrait of a 14 year old asylum-seeker.

A contemporary story about what happens when people become puzzlepieces in a bureaucratic boardgame and a philosophic performance for 9-15 year olds about one of the most essential questions in life: who am I? 

With feet deeply rooted in mud and soil, between islands of bright dreams and small houses fighting to find a space in this world, the performers Anette Asp Christensen, Ingrid Tranum Velásquez and Alexandra Hallén move through a stirring and heartfelt story about rooting in an unpredictable world.

It is a story about waiting. And waiting. And waiting.
About being a casefile in a world of meaningless paragraphs. About insisting on dreaming and living.

Filed papers, soil, milk, cello and songs floats around the performers and audiences in an intimate and constantly changing performative space.


"The performance has an amazing flow, where all the elements - dance, cello, milk-splatter and mud-sculpuring, - glides fluently between eachother. It feels natural when the cellist plays her evocative melodies, accompanying the story without taking focus. The same applies for the dance sequences, that undisturbed merges in and out of the performance expressing the feelings, relations and actions. The performance space is empty, yet filled. The empty floor is used as canvas and something as simple as milk become a metaphor for danishness, rootlessness and the Meditteranean sea."
- Daniella Ottendal Skovgaard, Den4væg.
Read the review (in danish) here

"Through the dance they reflected belonging, detachment, despair, joy and desperation - all this, that can be expressed so much better without words. Musically they were accompanied by the most inciting singing by Alexandra Hallén, who in combination with her cello lifted the performance into something almost divine. It became so painfully beautiful that it was unbearable, because at the same time it was so tragic and sad, that I left feeling - that this must be what it is like - to be a refugee."
- Michael Svennevig
Read the review (in danish) here

"We, the teachers, looked around many times oly to find that the students had forgotten time and place - they had become a part of the girls story, of the repetitive movements of the dancers and the intense narrating voices, of the melancolic melodies and curious sounds of the cello, and they had becoe part of the singers serene singing. The dynamics and the serenity tight everything so beautifully together, and neither they, the students, or we, the teachers, could do nothing but surrender to the experience."
- Janek Majcher and Kamilla Appelquist, teachers at Rudolf Steiner Skolen, Århus

"The performance was so exciting. Especially in the beginning, where the audiences was distributed around the space as refugees. Integrating the students in that way, was a very good idea. The students were especially preoccupied with the many ways of expressing, when we afterwards talked about the performance."
- Laura Nielsen Middelhede, teacher at Frederiksbjerg skole

Choreography, staging and concept: Ingrid Tranum Velásquez, Anette Asp Christensen, Alexandra Hallén, Annika Nilsson
Performers: Ingrid Tranum Velasquéz, Anette Asp Christensen og Alexandra Hallén
Producer: NextDoor Project
Composer: Alexandra Hallén
Scenographer: Annika Nilsson
Interviews & soundrecordings: Maj Horn & Eduardo Abrantes
Idea and artistic direction: Ingrid Tranum Velásquez

Supported by:

Åbne Scene
Århus Kulturudviklingspuljen