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September 2021: Bernadottegården, Roskilde in collaboration with Åben Dans
November 2021: Bergsodden, Harstad, Norge, - in collaboration with ArtFul Dementia Research Lab & Universitetet i Tromsø together researching the artistic strategies of the relational format developed in Happy End and how the artistic practice in the work unfolds mutual and equal co-creation between professional dancers and citizens living with dementia
December 2021: Sankt Jørgensbjerg, Roskilde in collaboration with Åben dans

The elders are one of the population groups increasing most rapidly in the Nordic countries. Meanwhile we desperately tribute eternal youth and cover up signs of aging on our bodies. Our fear of decay, wringles and death are marginalizing our elders in society, and making us strangers to interaction with old bodies.

NextDoor Project has since 2015 travelled around the nordic countries with 'Happy End'. a.o. places the work has taken place in Reykjavik (IS), Kiruna (SE), Qeqertarsuaq (GL), Jomala (AX), Tromsø (NO), Helsinki (FI), Torshavn (FO) and Copenhagen (DK).

Happy End is a relational choreographic work co-created between professional dancers and nursing home residents, together investigating old age through dance, choreography & dialogue. In the work we investigate old age through experiences of connectivity and mutual aesthetic creation with citizens nursing home residents.

The work unfolds as a residency where the artists move in and have their artistic practice on a daily basis with the participating residents. Towards the end of the residency doors are opened to the public, in a performantive moment where the life at the nursing home and the choreographic artistic investigation with poetic realism emerges into one sensorous experience.

The nordic journey of the work between 2015-2018 is documented in the film ”Happy End” by Engeli Broberg (SE). At trailer from the film as well as more information about the project can be seen at www.happyendproject.dk
Selected photos from photographer Per Morten Abrahamsens documentation of the nordic journey can be seen at www.nextdoorproject.dk

Participating artists in the project:
Artistic leader and choreographic staging: Ingrid Tranum Velásquez
Composer: Trondur Bogason
Scenography: Local nordic artists, a.o. Icelandic Love Corporation, Minna Öberg, Hanna Kanto.
Choreography: In collaboration between the dancers and nursing homes residents.
On stage (2015-2021):
Nursing home residents from the Nordic Countries and dancers Anette Asp Christensen, Christian From, Frej stenholt Mortensen, Kristina Sørensen Ougaard and Ingrid Tranum Velásquez

The production is supported by:

  http://www.nordiskkulturfond.org/media/1111/nordiskkulturfond_norden_black_rgb.png      http://www.kunst.dk/fileadmin/_kunst2011/user_upload/Billeder/Logoer/Kunstfonden_LOGO_small_JPG.jpg        Københavns Kommune     Torshavn Kommune   Mentanargrunnur Landsins,