Justin F Kennedy working with youth dancers in Ay Ay

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Recordings of "Descendants - Ay Ay" (St Croix). Justin Francis Kennedy in collaboration with youth from Ay Ay. David Berg behind the camera.

"Descendants Ay Ay" is part of the project Unfinished Tales investigating the contemporary presence of Nordic colonialism in collaboration between youth and artist from Ay Ay, Ghana, Kalaallit Nunaat, Sverige /Sápmi, Finland/Sápmi, Føroyar, Ísland, Norway and Denmark.

Did you know? St. Croix, the largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands, was home to Carib, Arawak, Dutch, French, British, and Spanish settlers when the island was bought by the Danish in 1733! Sugar was the main industry into the 19th century, and slaves were imported to provide labor for the island’s plantations. Slavery ended in 1848. In 1916 St. Croix was sold and purchased by the United States.